Felida’s History

Felida School – 1896

Not many people know how Felida got its name.

How the community of Felida got it’s name is a an interesting story . The first postmaster wanted to call it Lakeview, which certainly makes sense, but there was already another post office in the area by that name.

The name of Powley was also considered, in honor of an old settler, but the official paperwork came back with the name spelled Polly, and the Postmaster objected, which we all can appreciate. As it turned out, the Assistant Postmaster had a cat named that he loved named “Thomas” and suggested the town be named after the cat. I am not sure if Thomas or Polly would have been better but I digress. Local settlers pushed back against such a name for their growing town. Not to be deterred, he later suggested that they look up the scientific Latin name for the classification family of cats and found it to be Felidae. The name was then shortened to Felida and the community approved. So there you have it. Tell your kids and they probably will not believe you, but it is true